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This article will talk specifically about how to integrate WooCommerce with the Email Marketing WordPress Plugin. To read about setting up, installing, and the base functions of the plugin click here.

Check with support to see if this feature is enabled for your account. Some features may not be visible or available in your account.

Install the Plugin

To add the WooCommerce Plugin, login to your WordPress backend and search for it in the WordPress Plugins page. Once you’ve installed the plugin, go to your Plugins tab and activate the WooCommerce Plugin.

In your WordPress dashboard, you should now have a new tab in the Email Capture Form plugin.

Configuring the Plugin

Selecting the WooCommerce tab in the Email Marketing Plugin gives you a page with 3 separate tabs:


This is where you can enter in your API Key, API URL and have the ability to clear the API Cache. If you had already done this in the “Setup” tab, this will automatically populate from there. To read more about how to set up an API key, go here.

Checkout Opt-in:

Checkout Opt-in: Enable this to access the settings for creating an email capture form at checkout.

Opt-in Checkbox Label: Use this to label the opt-in checkbox. This is what customers will see during checkout

Opt-in Checkbox Default:

Unchecked: Leave the checkbox unchecked so the user can checkmark it themselves

Checked: Leave the checkbox checked so users will have to uncheck it to not be opted in

We Recommend that you keep the Opt-in Checkbox unchecked to have best results. This is also required for GDPR compliance.

Contact Lists: Select the List(s) that you would like this data to be recorded on in your Email Marketing account. It’s a good idea to create a separate list just for the checkout opt-in for better segmentation.

Placement: Select where you would like this to appear in the checkout process. Use the drop-down menu to select your preference.

Abandoned Cart Emails: 

Abandoned Cart Emails: Enable this to access the settings for having abandoned cart emails.

Threshold: Choose when the carts will be considered abandoned. Abandoned carts will occur when there is no activity for this set period of time.

Campaign: Choose what email campaign you would like to send abandoned carts. 

You do not need to have the auto sender turned on in the campaign for the abandoned cart email to send out automatically. It is programmed to send the most recently published email in that campaign, regardless if that campaign is set to be an auto-sender.


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