Step 4 – Schedule

Select one of the following options:

Send Now – Send the email immediately.

Schedule for Delivery – Select a time and date in the future to send your email.  The time and date are adjusted for your Time Zone.

Send Recurring – Select to automatically send an email Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly. This option will not show for A/B email campaigns, Triggered email campaigns and E-cards.

You must request from support to have the Send Recurring feature turned on.

Only email campaigns with RSS content can be set to daily frequency.

Publish for Auto Sender – You will only see this option if you have configured this email campaign for Auto Sender.

Open Boost™ – Select this to schedule a resend of the email campaign to non-opens. Choose the date and time to resend. You also have the option to change your subject line and preheader or keep your original ones.

Auto-Post to Social Networks – Use this in sync with your Integrations to post your email to your social networks. Check the boxes to select the ones you have connected. You can also connect to your social networks here by clicking the “Connect to” buttons.

Facebook allows you to post to the business pages you manage. Other social media accounts will let you share to your personal and business pages.


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