Numbered List

Numbered lists are an excellent way to put your content into organized easily read segments. Use of numbers instead of bullets implies an importance or precedence.

Option 1

1. Place your cursor at the point you want to start the bulleted list.
2. Click the Numbered List icon.
3. The first line with the 1. will be inserted.
4. Type your text. The text will wrap to fit the space. The paragraph will be left aligned.
5. At the end of your text, press the Enter key to begin a new numbered paragraph.
6. You can select additional ordering symbols (a. b. c. d., i. ii. iii. iv.) using the down arrow selector.

Option 2

If you wish to use another font or symbol, size or color, the best method is to insert a table into your section.
Type the numbers in the left column while placing your text in the right column. This will allow your choice of numbers while lining up the numbers and text neatly.

Insert your table with two columns and the number of rows needed for your list.

1. Adjust the width of the columns.
2. Adjust the border appearance.
3. Adjust the Numbers font, color and size by changing the font size setting.
4. Set the Vertical alignment to “Top” for both your numbers and your content.
5. Set the Horizontal alignment for both your numbers and your content.

You can hide the table borders if wish.

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