How to add a video

You can link to a video just as you would link to anything else. You can link text, buttons, and images. Video cannot be embedded like you would on a website, because it will not work in most email clients and will get stripped out, however, a good alternative is […]

Apple Mail Privacy

Understanding Apple’s new privacy feature and what it means for you and your email marketing What is Apple Mail Privacy Protection? Apple recently announced a new feature called Mail Privacy Protection for its Mail app. This update for iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, and watchOS 8 will prevent email […]

Creating a Push Campaign

Please note that push campaigns are only available to accounts that have sub-users. Please contact support to see if adding sub users to your account is possible.   What are push campaigns? Push campaigns allow you to create content for a single email and then deploy that content into a […]

Geolocation Data

In the campaign reports, under the geolocation tab, you will see a heatmap displaying engagement based on location. You can use the dropdown menu to display opens, clicks, and other actions. If you would like to export geolocation data select the “view opens” link on the summary tab, then export […]

Email Queue

View the Email Queue under Email Campaigns > Email Queue in the left navigation bar. The email queue allows you to see all currently scheduled campaigns. The queue will display a thumbnail of the content, you can expand by clicking the thumbnail. You can quickly cancel, send immediately, view the […]

How to hide buttons in your email

Some of the blocks will have buttons in them by default. If you don’t need to display the button, you can hide it by going to the content tab on the left side and switching the “show button” setting off. If the button is in a block all on it’s […]

Connecting to Zapier

Zapier is a third-party tool that is used by thousands of platforms. Its main purpose is to connect apps that otherwise don’t have an existing native integration. It also has some useful automation tools allowing for multi-step actions. For more info on Zapier go to   Getting started You […]

Learning about Bounces

Bounces occur when an email that is sent gets rejected by the receiving server. There are two types of bounces: Hard Bounces Hard bounces are permanent errors that indicate the email didn’t deliver because: Email address is incorrect, i.e., where the address is really or • Email address doesn’t […]

Using Gmail Inbox Promo Tools

In addition to company name, subject line, and preheader, Gmail now allows you to add more information to what your contacts can see before they open your email. These options are meant for the promotions tab. You can edit the appearance of these items in the email design process. While editing […]